Is the only Happiness and Brand Growth Consultancy that integrates multilingual and multicultural Marketing, Sales, and Brand Experience Strategies for new and existing brands in The Americas.

We focus on ambitious and / or want-to-be ambitious brands that are looking to maximize firm profits and Brand Power during an era of ever-increasing complexity and competition.

We help you do 4 things exceptionally well

Create Happiness

Maximize Consumer, Customer, and Employee Happiness

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Create Demand

Maximize Brand and Promotional Marketing Impact

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Curate Brand Experiences

Create Branded WOW experiences that Far Exceed Expectations

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Capture Demand

Maximize Profitable Sales On and Off-line

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Creating Happiness and Building Brands

Shawn D. Marshall, the Chief Happiness and Growth Officer of MORE HAPPY CUSTOMERS is a senior Business Growth Consultant and Thought Leader in the areas of Marketing. Diversity, and Leadership focused on US, Total Market, African-American, Hispanic, Latin American and Chinese Consumers and Businesses. As Founder of  MORE HAPPY CUSTOMERS, he helps create powerful brands by helping C-Suite executives and their teams do four things exceptionally well:

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Invest in the Happiness of Your Customers and the Growth of Your Brand


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